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Filemaker 12, Windows XP and SSL

Question asked by AlexandrePerez on Jan 10, 2013


Filemaker 12, Windows XP and SSL


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP

Description of the issue

We're deploying Filemaker 12v03 Pro and Filemaker 12 Advanced Server.

Everything works well in Windows 7 clients but in Windows XP clients you cannot see the databases listed in remote server, you can't connect to databases using direct shortcuts either (the program opens but nothing is showed).

If you disable SSL on server Windows XP clients work well. I tried to replace the .PEM files located in %APPDATA% directory and also in %PROGRAMFILES% with no result.

It happens in ALL of our Windows XP machines, I installed trial version and our licensed version.

Any help?

Thank you!.