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FileMaker 12.0v2 cannot handle "≠" and "<>" (not equal) operators

Question asked by FabianCzicholl on Jul 16, 2012
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FileMaker 12.0v2 cannot handle "≠" and "<>" (not equal) operators


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Win7 64 Bit

Description of the issue

When updating to 12.0v2 portals using a filter with the ≠ (not equal) operator and <> Operator do not filter correctly.
This might be related to the fix "Addressed an issue where portal filtering failed with the "< >" operator." Issue adressed in the 12.0v2 Update.

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Steps to reproduce the problem

create a field with the value test="0". In the form filter table:test = "0". Data is displayed.
Filter table:test ≠ "1". Data is not found although it should be.

Expected result

table:test ≠ "1" should find datasets with table:test = "0"

Actual result

no values displayed