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Filemaker 13 and Outlook 2013 incompatibility related to attachments

Question asked by SteveVimpani on May 11, 2014
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Filemaker 13 and Outlook 2013 incompatibility related to attachments


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro

Description of the issue

We have 3 PC's now exhibiting the same issue.

2x Windows 7 64bit PCs - Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 v1 and v3 - Outlook 2013
1x Windows 8.1 64bit PC - FM Pro 13v1 - Outlook 2013

When you use the send email script and attach a file, outlook does not open (it just looks like nothing happens).
If you try this without a file attachment outlook 2013 opens and gets populated as normal

The file exists, there are no problems with permissions. I have tried different folders, tried variables as well as hard coding the file address. There are no debug errors appearing in FM. I have removed all add-ins from Outlook

I have tested on a hosted FM database as well as locally and it does the same thing. I have tested with different databases and exhibits the same fault.

I have tested the same database on a windows XP pro machine running FM 12 client and Outlook 2007 and it works fine, which points more and more to an incompatibility with file 'attachments' and Outlook 2013

Your help would be greatly appreciated

I am thinking it is related to this (however we are using FM 13v3)..

Steps to reproduce the problem

Even in an empty FM13 database, create a button, connect a send email script and try and add a file as an attachment. It won't work. Remove the attachment and it works

Expected result

Outlook 2013 should open with a file attachment

Actual result

nothing happens

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no errors


no workarounds