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Filemaker 13 export to pdf, then re-import into Filemaker BD produces non-interactive pdf in the...

Question asked by Janzo on Nov 28, 2014
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Filemaker 13 export to pdf, then re-import into Filemaker BD produces non-interactive pdf in the field


FileMaker Pro


13v3 Advanced and 13v4 Advanced vs 12v5 Advanced

Operating system version

OS X Mavericks

Description of the issue

I have a database that generates a formatted invoice in one field. I export the invoice as a pdf to the tmp file path, then import into an interactive-content container field in a FMP database that is specifically made to store these pdf files. If I do the export and import from and to the same databases in FMP12 I get properly functioning pdf's in interactive fields. If I use FMP13 Advanced (13v3 and 13v4 Advanced) to run the script, the container field do not display any content. Instead I see a dark gray rectangle. I do see the content if I change the format of container field to a static image field.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Script step "Save Records as PDF"
Switch to different layout displaying fields and records from the invoice storage database
Then script step: Insert PDF ["$InsertPath"]

Expected result

Interactive pdf content display, ability to open container field content as pdf in Preview, ability to open pdf content in Preview when database is published using IWP.

Actual result

Content is not interactive. In FMP content is not displayed at all. In IWP content is displayed as a graphic and can be saved as a JPEG.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages

Configuration information

Mac OS X running Mavericks. Filemaker Pro Advanced 13v3 and 13v4 both not working as expected. The script is set to import the pdf and store inside the database, no external storage so likely no permissions problem.


Running the script in FMP Advanced 12v5. Field content is now displayed properly in FMP Advanced 12v5, 13v3 and 13v4. Also displayed properly in IWP.