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FileMaker 14.0v1 Sliding Portal Causes Error in Adobe Acrobat

Question asked by JohnDuncan on Jun 24, 2015
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FileMaker 14.0v1 Sliding Portal Causes Error in Adobe Acrobat


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.10, Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

A layout has a leading sub-summary with a filtered portal in it.  The filtered portal is set so that it also slides and reduces size of enclosing part.  When the records are saved as PDF from either Mac or Windows it creates a PDF that Adobe Acrobat 10 or 11 both complain has errors and it displays incorrectly.  If the same PDF is opened with Preview on Mac OS X 10.10 it does not complain about errors.  If sliding is turned off the problem goes away.  The problem manifests on pages where there is no data showing in the portal where the portal should completely disappear.  Changing the portal to be an unfiltered portal did not change the problem.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a portal to a related table where there are no related records.
Put the portal in a leading sub-summary and set it to slide up and reduce the size of the part
Save records as PDF
Open the PDF in Acrobat X or XI

Expected result

Should not cause Acrobat to complain about an error

Actual result

Acrobat complains about an error and doesn't display the pages correctly

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

(From Acrobat)
An error exists on this page.  Acrobat may not
display the page correctly.  Please contact the
person who created the PDF document to
correct the problem.

Configuration information

Problem occurred on both Mac 10.10 and Windows 8.1


Found that if I change the portal to be unfiltered and build a relationship that does the same thing as the filter did then I used conditional hiding to hide the portal if there is nothing to be displayed it did not throw the error.