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Filemaker 5.5 v2 and filemaker mobile 2.2

Question asked by irwin on Mar 26, 2009


Filemaker 5.5 v2 and filemaker mobile 2.2

Description of the issue

Just bought a Palm TX and thought I had successfully carried out a hotsyn operation using filemaker 5.5 v2 and filemaker moble 2.1 which were already installed for a previous owned Handspring Visor Delux.  The filemaker data bases all download to the TX and data entered on the Mac 12" powerbook G4 (running OS 10.4.11) will appear in the handheld when a repeat hotsync is carried out.   However any attempt to enter data to the filemaker databases from the handheld fails and the device immediately resets losing the data just entered.  Has anyone run into this problem and do they have a solution?  Thanks, Irwin