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FileMaker Advanced not executing Applescript properly under Snow Leopard

Question asked by johnnykrz on Sep 25, 2009
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FileMaker Advanced not executing Applescript properly under Snow Leopard

Description of the issue

I don't often use my own creations in FileMaker, but recently had to do some newsletter layouts for someone who was out. I have several scripts that interact with InDesign via AppleScript. I was using a script that checks the layout against the database to make sure all the proper ads have been placed and also to record the page as we rotate the ads each month to a different position. Anyway, the script failed and returned a -2740, "A """ can't go after this identifier". I have only updated myself and one other guinea pig to snow leopard for testing, but the other person uses FileMaker Pro and I use advanced. They have not had any problems with the script or anything else since the update. So I installed FileMaker Pro on my machine and it works fine. Therefore, the problem must be in FileMaker Advanced. I tried reinstalling it and updating to 10.0v3, but I still have the same problem. In this example: "tell application \"Adobe InDesign CS3\"¶tell document 1¶set NumberofPages to count of pages¶end tell¶end tell¶tell application \"FileMaker Pro\"¶ set contents of field \"NoPages\" of table \"Working\" to NumberofPages¶   *** THIS LINE HAS ERROR IN FMA *** end tell¶"  It seems like it is the \" around the field and table identifiers causing the problem, although this is the only way to do quotes in a calculated applescript to my knowledge and, as I said, it works fine on FMP in both Leopard and SL. I'm at least glad it only affects FMA since I am the only one to use it and I can easily use FMP instead for running these scripts. Any ideas? I will also send a bug report.