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Filemaker and Adobe interfering with one another on Windows?

Question asked by user10625 on Dec 23, 2014
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Filemaker and Adobe interfering with one another on Windows?


FileMaker Pro


13 v1-3

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Adobe and FMP conflict preventing easy printing of docs stored as containers in FMP.

(Note that I posted this issue in advanced discussion and at least one other user was able to reproduce the issue.  Please see the discussion:

Also, I now see another report of what seems to be the same issue:  )

Steps to reproduce the problem

--Set up a layout with a Container field, set the field to "Optimize for Interactive Content (PDF, etc.".
--Create a record and insert a PDF file.
--mouse over the field, we can interact with the PDF . . page through it, etc.  all works great!
--we can click on Adobe's (??)  print button.

When we click on the print button, a print dialogue for Adobe comes up.

Expected result

We should be able to click in the print dialogue, either to do print setup, or simply to Print.

Actual result

Many users at my client experience the following:

------message that Adobe has crashed. 
-----none of the buttons in the Adobe print dialogue work.

Configuration information

Downgrading the version of Adobe reader on the particular computer sometimes fixes the issue.


So,  we click on the "print" button in the adobe thingie inside the container field.

At this point there are 2 windows on the screen:
---the FMP window with the layout with the container field.
---on top of that, Adobe's print dialogue. 

The latter is apparently not modal, so, you can click behind it on the FMP  layout, and either close that window, or go to another layout without the container.

Once you do that, Printing or other buttons in the Adobe Print Dialogue DO work.

So somehow,  FMP and Adobe are interfering with one another.