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    FileMaker and Entourage - email trouble



      FileMaker and Entourage - email trouble


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      Description of the issue

      Script that produces an automatic email, works with Microsoft Outlook, but goes to the recipient's "drafts" folder when using Entourage in the Mac environment.

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          Thank you for your post.

          Does the Send Mail script step have the option checked to "Perform without dialog"?  What version of Entourage is being used?  What version of Mac OS X are you using?  Did this work in a previous version?  If so, what version?  Is there anything special about the mail being sent?  That is, attachments, CC, BCC, etc.

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            Hi there, I have just got filemaker pro 11 for mac and entourage 11.4.0 and I am just learning my way around filemaker but I have the same probelm as Tamu, the emails are going to the "drafts" folder, I cant see where this 'Perform without dialog' is and what I have to do, and when I find it should it be ticked or unticked? 

            I have a script called Send Email Customer, is that it?