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FileMaker cannot share files

Question asked by EIT on Jul 15, 2009
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FileMaker cannot share files

Description of the issue

Hello,  I have FileMaker Pro 7.0v3 and FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 on the same Win's XP SP3 computer.  While running FMP 7.0, I can share the .fp7 files with no problems.  I then close FMP 7.0 completely, reboot my computer, log back into our network, and open up FMP 9.0.  I create a new database from the list provided (for an example, I'll choose "Business - Projects -> Issue Tracking"), save it as "Issue Tracking.fp7", go to "File -> Sharing -> FileMaker Network", and then turn on the Sharing, confirm the file is selected, and select "All Users".  If I click OK, I get the message FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer and the FM Network Settings window stays open.  If I click Cancel, then the window goes away with no errors.  When I reopen the same window, it shows FMP is sharing the file to All Users.  After seeing that the file is being shared, I go to a coworkers computer who also has FMP 9.0v3 and they can't see my computer (although we are in the same network subnet).  Then when I close FMP 9.0 down on my computer and reopen it in FMP 9.0 and it shows the same error message.  This whole time, FMP 7.0 is closed down with all sharing options turned off.