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FileMaker crashes on iMac 27

Question asked by AndrewCalvanese on Oct 7, 2011
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FileMaker crashes on iMac 27


FileMaker Pro


11v2 & 11v4

Operating system version


Description of the issue

When attempting to access a relational database  from iMac 27 with core i3 processor, Filemaker crashes. Flat file databases open OK. Databases are served via FM 11v3 on Mac Mini and accessed via Airport on iMac 27
When databases are running on FMS 11v3 and accessed via wired network on iMac 27, relational databases do not cause crash.
Other computers, Mac and Windows do not crash FileMaker when accessing these relational databases wirelessly.
Issue is still there when iMac 27 is updated to FM11v4

Steps to reproduce the problem

run relational database on Mac Mini with FM11v3
attempt to connect wirelessly with iMac 27
Filemaker 11 hangs and must be force quit.

Expected result

database should open

Actual result

Filemaker frequently hangs. Switching to Finder and then back to FileMaker does not leave Finder. FM must be force quit.

Sometimes the database will open but fields from related records do not appear.

These databases are all accessed reliably with a few dozen other computers; only the iMac 27 shows the problem. This is the only iMac 27 in the facility and it works fine for everything else.