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    Filemaker crashes using scriptmaker



      Filemaker crashes using scriptmaker

      Description of the issue

      About every other time I open the script maker, when I save a script, filemaker crashes and I lose my work. It started about 3 days ago. And has been becoming more and more frequent. It happens only when 1. editing a script 2. editing a layout.

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          FileMaker Product(s) involved:

          FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 Advanced

          Operating System(s) involved

          Mac OS X 10.5.8 (client)

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            Is this always the same file? (File could be corrupted)


            Or is it with every file? (Problem with install of filemaker and/or preference file possible)

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              I haven't tried another file. Now, it's crashing every 3rd time I use it!!!!!!!!!


              I'm terrified my backup was about 2 days old and I've put in about 15 hours over those two days........[bows head] 

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                It crashed again and had to rebuild the file. In the event that I should start a new file, do I have to copy the tables into the new file and RELINK everything again?


                Please don't say yes. I have about 200 relationships...



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                  Sorry, but unless a third party utility like FMMigrator can do this for you, you're looking at hours of reconstructing your TO's with frequent design reports ( If you don't have advanced, buy it!) and a recover now and then to make sure you didn't import the damage along with a table, script or pasted layout element.


                  Value lists can be a pain to rebuild as well...

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                    OK but worst case scenario, I can copy the tables and paste them into new file, and I would have to create the table occurences and then join them.


                    But the layouts and scripts can be copied/pasted after this point correct? 

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                      You can import the tables with Import Records (use new table option) to pull in the field defs and data one table at a time. Any calculations that refer to non-existant TO's will be enclosed in /* comment */ brackets so you can remove them after you've got all your TO's and relationships set up to match the original.


                      The process is the same as when you merge two or more filemaker files to get all the tables into one file.


                      Import the tables

                      Add the extra TO's and link them all.

                      Recreate your value lists (some copy and pasting can be done--at least for custom values)

                      Copy and paste all your layout objects into layouts of the same exact name.

                      Import your scripts

                      Delete all your layout objects if the layout has a script performing button

                      Copy and paste them again (now the scripts and layouts reference each other correctly)


                      Every so often, perform a recover. Make back ups. Run data base design reports and check for "missing" and "unknown" keywords.

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                        So I ended up having to do this. The file was crashing every 5 minutes or so.


                        I've got all relationships back.


                        Now, I'm creating layouts, but my question is won't I have to recreate all buttons again? The script creation/layout creation seems circular.


                        Or will it keep the script name even if it doesn't exist? 


                        And I guess I have to recreate all my custom menus? I guess this would actually be the next logical step before adding all the layouts again. 

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                          Steve Wright

                          Create blank empty layouts first.  

                          Then copy in all your scripts.

                          Then copy in the content of your layouts.


                          This will mean, the scripts can find the layout names initially

                          The layout content can then find the appropriate scripts.


                          See here for the source, and some more info.


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                            I would suggest against copy/pasting layout objects, buttons and scripts from a corrupt file into a new good one even after you've run Recovery on it.  Every object you've mentioned can bring corruption into the new file.  Seriously.


                            If you don't want to re-create your scripts and buttons then I would suggest instead going to your backups and using your last one which didn't crash and re-creating your work forward.