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FileMaker DDR Generates malformed XML

Question asked by nickorr on Jul 18, 2010
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FileMaker DDR Generates malformed XML


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Description of the issue

It's possible to put characters into a calculation field inside FileMaker that when output as XML in the DDR gives invalid XML.  Using XML validation tools such as "xmllint" you get errors and you can't import data from the DDR properly as it fails validation.

I have a sample file with an example showing with a CF that I can send you to get the specific characters.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a new file, copy the text into a calculation ( anywhere, a field or CF will do).  Generate the DDR.  Run validation tests on the DDR.

This also causes issues when copying the element (field or CF etc) from this file to anywhere else.  This means the copy and paste of this CF inside FMP will also fail.

Expected result

It should produce valid XML and should encode any characters that aren't valid.

Actual result

The CDATA section within the calculation output fails validation.


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