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Filemaker displaying wrong record from portal

Question asked by jimhoyt on Jun 19, 2013
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Filemaker displaying wrong record from portal


FileMaker Server


12 Advanced

Operating system version

Windows Server 2008 R2

Description of the issue

Filemaker will display the wrong record when accessed from a portal when a double-click is used.

This happens especially when using Instant Web Publishing to a remote server where there is moderate network delay. This can happen using Filemaker Pro to access the data if the network delay is long enough.

If there is any kind of delay, such as that caused by a normal internet connection to a host from a client, Filemaker will display the wrong data.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Host the database using instant web publishing. In a portal, use a button that either uses a go to related record or uses the record ID to search the related table for the record.

Expected result

Obviously, it should display the correct related record…

If this were just data being used internally by a membership organization, this would just be an annoyance. But this data is very sensitive, and displaying the wrong information it a serious issue.

Actual result

It will show the number of found records in the status area, but land on record 0 instead of the record number it should be on, e.g. 1.

Record 0 will display a somewhat random record. The incorrectly displayed record is offset from the target record in that if you start from a different record in the portal, the displayed record will be different.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message typically.

Configuration information

Database hosted using instant web publishing. Clients access via internet (not local). There needs to be quite a bit of data and quite a few fields for it to show up. But this is normal.

I have a test database that I can supply that will show this problem.


Nothing that really works.