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Filemaker enters date wrong

Question asked by jgrene on Mar 26, 2012
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Filemaker enters date wrong


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Description of the issue

Filemaker yields the date as: m d y   That is, with spaces between month day year.  This occurs whether the date is auto-entered, or whether I type in the date as m/d/y.

When I try to find a range of dates (m/d/y...m/d/y) Filemaker gives an error message as invalid date (because Filemaker converted what I typed into m d y with the invalid spaces).

Steps to reproduce the problem

I tried re-defining the date fields in several of our data bases and tried all variations of date entry.  We upgraded from FilemakerPro 10 to 11, hoping the problem would resolve but it is still there.  I created a new test database in FMP11, still the same problem.

Expected result

Example 1) Find:  date field I typed in: 2/1/2012...2/4/2012, should yield those 4 records

Example 2) Auto-enter date for new record: worked fine before 2012

Example 3) Short-cut Apple-Hypen should give a valid date entry

Actual result

Example 1) Filemaker converted my entry to: 2 1 2012...2 4 2012 (that is, with the invalid spaces) and gave error message and would not find the records (I can't do reports etc.)

Example 2) Filemaker now enters "?" then when I click in the date field it shows 3 26 2012 with spaces

Example 3) Short-cut Apple-Hypen now gives an invalid date with spaces m d y

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Example 1) "No records match this find criteria"

Configuration information

This problem only started with the year 2012.

We have used Filemaker for about 12 years.


Tried changing date formats as noted above, created test files, etc.  Nothing has worked.  We cannot produce our reports.