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    Filemaker enters date wrong



      Filemaker enters date wrong


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OSX

      Description of the issue

      Filemaker yields the date as: m d y   That is, with spaces between month day year.  This occurs whether the date is auto-entered, or whether I type in the date as m/d/y.

      When I try to find a range of dates (m/d/y...m/d/y) Filemaker gives an error message as invalid date (because Filemaker converted what I typed into m d y with the invalid spaces).

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I tried re-defining the date fields in several of our data bases and tried all variations of date entry.  We upgraded from FilemakerPro 10 to 11, hoping the problem would resolve but it is still there.  I created a new test database in FMP11, still the same problem.

      Expected result

      Example 1) Find:  date field I typed in: 2/1/2012...2/4/2012, should yield those 4 records

      Example 2) Auto-enter date for new record: worked fine before 2012

      Example 3) Short-cut Apple-Hypen should give a valid date entry

      Actual result

      Example 1) Filemaker converted my entry to: 2 1 2012...2 4 2012 (that is, with the invalid spaces) and gave error message and would not find the records (I can't do reports etc.)

      Example 2) Filemaker now enters "?" then when I click in the date field it shows 3 26 2012 with spaces

      Example 3) Short-cut Apple-Hypen now gives an invalid date with spaces m d y

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Example 1) "No records match this find criteria"

      Configuration information

      This problem only started with the year 2012.

      We have used Filemaker for about 12 years.


      Tried changing date formats as noted above, created test files, etc.  Nothing has worked.  We cannot produce our reports.

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          I have seen this before but can't remember all the details. Seems like it had to do with the system settings for dates set in the computer's operating system. I could be wrong, but that's the first area I'd check here.

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            Thank you.  I did check the operating systems preferences, and also downloaded the most current OS refinements.  All looked OK but I changed and changed back anyway just to be sure.  There is no date problem in any other software on our computer.  The Filemaker dates still fill with the invalid spaces, and the date fields cannot be searched.

            Could this be a 2012 leap year problem in the FilemakerPro software?  I note with our v.11 upgrade the files are still named .fp7 from version 7.

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              j grene,

              Thank you for posting.

              I would like to confirm some details about your configuration and solution to better understand the issue you are describing. Was the solution created on a Mac? What version of the OS? What was the original version of FileMaker Pro for this solution? What methods were used for data input: import, drag/drop, direct data entry?

              There are several factors that affect the display of the date format.  When these settings are inconsistent with regard to a particular solution, there can be unexpected results. Since you have already tried creating a new database and are still seeing the issue, I'd like to replicate the issue here.

              If you can send a copy of your file, I can see if it behaves the same way on in a different configuration.  Please check your inbox at the top of this page for instructions on where to send the file.



              Filemaker, Inc.



              You noted that the file extension didn't change when you upgraded to FileMaker Pro 11, and that is correct.  The file format for FileMaker Pro files has not changed since FileMaker Pro 7, so the extension remains the same.

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                Thank you, TSTuatara.  Here are answers to your questions:

                Was the solution created on a Mac?  -- Yes

                What version of the OS? -- OSX 10.6.8

                What was the original version of FileMaker Pro for this solution? -- We have used Filemaker starting in early 1990s, not sure if that was version 4, and have upgraded after that, currently just bought the v.11 upgrade (to see if it would fix this date problem, which it did not).  Curious about whether in early 1990s the software was prepared for leap year 2012?

                What methods were used for data input: import, drag/drop, direct data entry? -- We use three different methods: (1) direct data entry (2) short-cut Apple key with Hyphen key (3) Filemaker autofill

                I sent the file you requested to the address in my inbox.

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                  j grene,

                  Thank you for the file.

                  I can confirm the behavior you describe in this file; quite strange, to be sure. 

                  What I cannot do is replicate the behavior in a new database, while you have found the issue persists in new files.

                  Has all the work you've been doing been on the same computer under the same user?  If so, I would suggest you see if a new Admin account can create new database files without the date formatting problem.

                  I am able to export your data and import into a clone of the file so that the automatic date field is correct in new records, but it doesn't re-format the old ones.   Can you confirm whether or not you are able to create a new file with the same field types that will handle the new date formatting correctly?  If you can, then we can try dealing with what to do with the corrupted, older data.



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Thank you, TSTuratara, I really appreciate your help.  

                    I tried a second computer to (successfully) create a new file, with the date entering correctly.  This computer #2 is a sort of backup.  Computer #2 shows the same date problems in FMP files I downloaded from Computer #1. So both you and I show the problem exists within our Computer #1.

                    In answer to your question, all the work on Computer #1 is under the same User.  So, I will follow your suggestion to create a new Admin account.  Within the new account I will create a new test file.  If the date is OK then I will try to clone an existing file and test with newly entered data.  If that works, I will try to import data from the corrupted file, as you did.

                    This will take me 2 or 3 days. Fingers crossed.

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                      This sounds exactly like the issue Raybaudi and I helped out two other users with. I keep trying to search the forum but this is a case where my extremely large number of posted comments and the generic nature of any key words I can think to use as search criteria defeat my efforts to find the previous threads.

                      The advanced search the forum page seems to have a new bug--can't see more than the first screen full of comments matching my search--which I've reported to Modman...

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                        Thank you, TSTuatara (and PhilModjunk).

                        I created a new Admin account, and I created a new database file within that account. The date error is still there, date still fills or reverts to invalid date with spaces and is still not searchable). So, I was not able to create a new file with the same field types that will handle date formatting correctly.

                        I also tried:  opening a "good" test file in my computer #1 (sent from my computer #2).  When I tried a Find, I typed in "1/1/2012...1/8/2012" and the bad Filemaker yielded: "1 * 2012 1 * 2012 * * 2012...1 * 2012 8 * 2012 * * 2012".  A new (and really weird) result.

                        Please note that another file with 2010 data only still functions perfectly, that is, a Find for a date range yields those records correctly.  (And this 2010 file is one that I cloned to test 2012 data.)

                        Am I summarizing the issue correctly?: there is no problem on your computer, no problem on my computer #2, and only a problem starting year 2012 on my computer #1.   And that problem seems to be a Filemaker date-formatting bug?

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                          Let's check a few details.

                          Open File Options, click the text tab.

                          Which radio button is selected under "Data Entry"?

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                            Thanks PhilModJunk, I appreciate your suggestions and help.

                            Old files: File Options > Text > third box "Ask whenever settings are different" is selected.

                            New files I created for testing (on computer #1 and computer #2:  first box "Always use current settings" is selected.

                            I created a new test file and selected second box "Always use file's saved settings."  The date problem is still there is this new file.