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Filemaker Error 4 when running FileMaker server 13

Question asked by lanclos on Jun 15, 2014
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Filemaker Error 4 when running FileMaker server 13


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Description of the issue

When upgrading to FileMaker 13 server and using FX.php I am getting the error number 4. After calling FileMaker four times I have been told that FileMaker does not support FX.php. so after FileMaker nine and killing CDN now language FileMaker did not replace it with anything which left us developers hung out to dry. Thank goodness for Chris Hansen and FX.php which came along to fill the void. Some of us developers have been designing FX.php Pages since then and have thousands in production. Thank you for coming late to the dance FileMaker with being your own API. On my 4 calls to Apple this past two weeks not one single tech understood or programmed in PHP. PROBLEM - don't sell a product that requires PHP to do custom web publishing and then not supported in anyway shape or form. After hijacking Apache with FileMaker server 13 cause an incredible number of problems for developers without any support. I suggest you get some developers on your staff that know PHP.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Clean install Apple operating system 10.8.5
Clean install FileMaker server 13 v1
Trying to have an FX.php class on my hosting server which is not my FileMaker 13 server
Under FileMaker server 12 it talk to FileMaker server just fine and my custom web publishing worked beautifully
Since upgrading to FileMaker server 13 I am getting any error code number for command unknown problem like other developers have posted