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FileMaker file corruption

Question asked by ZoXo on Jun 22, 2010
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FileMaker file corruption

Description of the issue

I have a file that I hosted on a server. My development environment:FileMaker Advanced 11OSMac 10.6.3 and Windows XP ServerFileMaker Server 11OSWindows ? Initially the file became corrupted by the server, so I rebuilt it from the ground up in FileMaker Advanced 11 on windows XP. Now this file never crashed, in fact I rebuilt it in about 3 hours in one straight shot and then loaded the data in.  Again, I hosted the file on the server and now I have a file exhibiting the following: Relationships refuse to show related data unless I open the Manage Database window and click on the relationship.Some of the relationships will not work until I do this, but then when I do, it disables other relationships, which then have to be clicked on to work again, thereby taking out the first relationship, and round and round and round it goes. I would be willing to send the files to someone who can look at them and figure out exactly what kind of corruption is going on here, as the file itself has never crashed the application, nor been improperly closed. I have the version I built before hosting, and the version resulting from the hosting so I would think that someone atFileMaker would be very interested in looking at this type of corruption, as in the 10 years I have been using FileMakerI've seen all kinds of corruption, but never anything like this.