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    FileMaker file corruption



      FileMaker file corruption

      Description of the issue

      I have a file that I hosted on a server. My development environment:FileMaker Advanced 11OSMac 10.6.3 and Windows XP ServerFileMaker Server 11OSWindows ? Initially the file became corrupted by the server, so I rebuilt it from the ground up in FileMaker Advanced 11 on windows XP. Now this file never crashed, in fact I rebuilt it in about 3 hours in one straight shot and then loaded the data in.  Again, I hosted the file on the server and now I have a file exhibiting the following: Relationships refuse to show related data unless I open the Manage Database window and click on the relationship.Some of the relationships will not work until I do this, but then when I do, it disables other relationships, which then have to be clicked on to work again, thereby taking out the first relationship, and round and round and round it goes. I would be willing to send the files to someone who can look at them and figure out exactly what kind of corruption is going on here, as the file itself has never crashed the application, nor been improperly closed. I have the version I built before hosting, and the version resulting from the hosting so I would think that someone atFileMaker would be very interested in looking at this type of corruption, as in the 10 years I have been using FileMakerI've seen all kinds of corruption, but never anything like this.

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          What happens when you recover the file? (that might provide an additional clue)


          Are all the tables in the same file or are some tables on your relationship graph in other files?

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            Greetings from London.


            We have a similar situation. 25 file solution written in FPX, served by FPSX and accessed by FPX clients on Mac OSX 10.5.


            The IT consultants switched on TimeMachine for backups, running once a day at midnight.


            One of the FP files, a small notes file holding 1,125 records created from within a People file, started 'losing' the occasional record(s).


            None of the users onsite are able to delete (intentionally).


            One Friday, there were 1,125 records (we know this from a printout of all the records).


            The next Monday morning, after no untoward server events (ie no crashes), we were down to 468 records.


            I have taken a backed up copy (from FPSX, now FPS XI!), recovered it, and have all the original data.


            The FPS had been set to back up every hour and does so, quite happily.


            But trying to load the file into FPS results in an error (unhelpfully, there is no message).


            I then reconstructed the file 'from scratch', reimported the 1,125 records and opened it on my remote laptop. No problem. Tried to upload it to FPS. Problem. Now FPS will not close the file and I cannot quit the FPS. Each time I am presented with a dialogue box saying: "There has been a problem closing FileMaker Server."


            Will update with more news as we determine the (a) cause of and (b) solution to the matter of the corrupted file.

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              You may have a second problem complicating the first. There have been some cases (including one of my servers) where filemaker server "goes deaf". This can be traced to a scheduled backup whose status "hangs" in the running state. In this situation, client stats do not update in sever admin and additional scheduled events stack up unperformed behind the first "hung" schedule.


              You can identify this situation by checking the status on all your schedules. If one shows "running" when it should have already completed, you have the problem I describe. The only thing that worked for me in that situation was to wait until all users were logged off and then restarted the server.

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                Thanks for that. Unfortunately, there are NO users connected to the FPS and yet I am still advised that it is using the files.


                Spoke with FMI Tech Support this afternoon who suggested that I might want to force quit the FPS. Did so, then tried to open the files using FPX Client and was advised that all the files are currently in use.


                Went back to FPS, relaunched its Admin Console, tried to close all the files again. Nope.


                Force quitted again. to the annoyance of my users.


                Am going back in on Friday morning to restart the Server, then ensure FPS is really not back from the dead, then recover each of the 25 files, archive the old ones, and try serving the newly recovered ones with a spare FPX licence we have. As there are only 4 users currently (of these files) the demands should not be too great on the hosting FPX client. It is on a separate machine and I have warned them to be 'patient' and 'cautious'.


                But it has shaken my beliefs a bit. (Only been using FP since late 1980s, pre Pro but only just. Now maintaining v3, v5 -6 and vv7 - 10!).


                As a little aside, try Spell Checking in this forum on the word "FileMaker". Not lnown! There are others, too, from my initial posting but that was, for me, a little ray of joy in an otherwise cloudy day.

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                  I can't tell from your post whether you checked the status of your scheduled back ups. Did they all show "OK" or did one show as "running"?


                  Also, "FPX" is a bit confusing. Is that filemaker pro, filemaker pro advanced or ?


                  "there are NO users connected to the FPS and yet I am still advised that it is using the files"

                  Sorry, but that isn't terribly clear. If you are hosting the files from server, then "It" is most definitely using the files as they are open with server on this machine. If you mean that the server admin console shows users connected when all users are logged off, that's another symptom of the "deaf" server issue that I am describing.

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                    Scheduled backups via FileMaker Pro Server X (FPS) are set for once per day at 2359 when no users are connected.


                    The backups via FPS have been running just fine, it seems.


                    "FPX" is FileMaker Pro 10. (FPAX in my shorthand - because I've written too much today! - would be FileMaker Pro Advanced). FPXI would therefore be FileMaker Pro Client v11.


                    There were no users conected to the FileMaker Pro Server. The FPS was, yes, "connected" to the files but nobody else was. It was serving the files and NOT allowing me to switch them off, verify them or reopen them. I have been trying to get it (FPS) to stop serving the files so that I can open them up as mentioned in my previous post and perform whatever maintenance I can on them.


                    This "deaf server" had better watch out - I'm about to switch it off and reinstall it!


                    Do you have any thoughts about having one copy of FPX (ie "Client") hosting the files instead?


                    FMI (FileMaker International) has suggested that I just force quit and restart the Server (FPS).

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                      I definitely try to force quit the server and see what happens when I restart.


                      You can host up to 9 clients with filemaker pro--I have one such set of files being hosted by the machine behind me right now. I'd prefer to move these files to one of our two servers for better security and better automated backups, but can't persuade my boss to do so.


                      It's my understanding that client crashes are more likely to corrupt the databases on Pro hosted DB's, plus you have slower performance and lose options such as those scheduled backups and any other server scheduled scripts.

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                        Thanks for the suggestions, Phil. I'll report back (briefly!) later on on Friday. It's been a bit of a long day today (0450 - 2250 and counting) so it's time to sign off.


                        Perhaps a solution will spring up while I am asleep (ie between now and 0500!).


                        Otherwise, force quit here I come.