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    Filemaker file won't open in iPad



      Filemaker file won't open in iPad


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      Using FileMaker Go, I have loaded a FileMaker Pro file onto my iPad.  It appears under Files on Device.  But when I click on it, I have the message Failed to Open "name of file"  What do I have to do to make the file so it will open?

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           Same thing here. Just upgraded to 0S5 and now the Filemaker Go will not recognize the file when a record is added and uploaded to the ipad.

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            David Tompkins & raycock,

            I apologize for the late response. In order to replicate the issue, I need additional information.

            I am using FileMaker Go for iPad 1.2.4 and my iOS version is 5.0.1. To copy a file from my Mac to the iPad, I connect the iPad and use iTunes as follows:

            1. Select the iPad under Devices in the left column.
            2. In the main iTunes pane, click on "Apps" on the top menu.
            3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Apps section, revealing File Sharing category.
            4. Select FileMaker Go under the Apps header, and the right column heading changes to: "FileMaker Go Documents"
            5. The Add button opens the dialog box to locate the file to transfer.  Once the file is selected and "Open" is clicked, the file appears on the connected iPad.  This file opens normally when tapped.


            Since there are other ways to do this, let me know how your method differs, and I will see how it works in testing here. Notes on any other unexpected behavior you encountered as a result of the upgrade would help as well.

            There are knowledge base articles that have some other points to watch for when transferring files to FileMaker Go:




            Please keep me posted on your progress if you are still encountering this issue.


            Thank you.


            FileMaker, Inc.