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    Filemaker freezes, how frequent does FM autosave?



      Filemaker freezes, how frequent does FM autosave?


      FileMaker Pro



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      Mac OS 10.6.5

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      Filemaker has been freezing on me periodically, despite having run a recovery on the file several times. It is possible that the problem is actually something between Filemaker and the newest Mac OS? Another question I have is: how frequent does Filemaker autosave? I was hoping to get an approximation so at least when it does freeze, I can backtrack and have an approximate idea how much data I may have lost if it freezes when I'm adding/changing records. Thanks for any help!

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          Adrienne Frie:

          Thank you for your post.

          When you exit a record, the information is written to disk.  Also, if you leave your computer while editing a field, all other previous edits in that record will write to disk after a few seconds of no activity.

          FileMaker Pro should not freeze, so it is possible your database file may be damaged.  You may want to consider running a Recover (File menu) on the database file.  FileMaker will do its best to fix the file.  Try using the Recovered file and see if you continue to "freeze".

          Do any other applications "freeze" since you moved to Snow Leopard?

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