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      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      iOS 5.1

      Description of the issue

      Does anyone else have this issue? My FM 11 files are fine in FM Go. I have a sliding tab that hides the left anchored portal on many layouts. When the iPad is horizontal the portal is to the left of the sliding tab panel and is displayed. In FM Go 12 when the iPad is moved to vertical position the tab panel slides left and coverst the portal...However the text and buttons in the scrolling portal show through the tab panel in a ghost like fashion. The portals are functional, but are mixed in with what is on the tab panel. Is there a way to keep the scroll bar on the portal and not have it display through the tab panel the way it works in FM Go 11?



      Steps to reproduce the problem

      just have a scrolling portal located full left, anchored left. Place a single tab panel that covers the portal above it 768 x 674 pt with right , top, and bottom anchors checked, left unchecked. Tab panel shall be brought to the very front most layer.

      Have data in the scrolling portal. When iPad is horizontal portal will show with tab panel just to the right. (if portal is 256 pt wide) Then move iPad vertical and tab panel slides left covering up the portal. In Go_iPad 11.0.1 the tab panel will cover the scrolling portal with no problem.

      In v 12.0.2 ( also on the iPhone version ) the scrolling portal data shows through the layer of the tab panel.

      Expected result

      Tab panel covers the scrolling portal as it did in Go 11 for iPad and iPhone.

      Actual result

      scrolling portal data is displayed right though the solid fill tab panel along with any data and objects that is on the tab panel.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



      None yet.

      See web link: http://www.trulysimplesolutions.com/Site/Sample.html

      or post of same subject in Developer Forum with a downloadable video.

      The video shows much better the problem than a screen shot


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          Hi Ben Graham:

          Thanks for submitting the post.

          Our Development and Testing department was able to reproduce and confirm this as an issue with FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Go 12.  At this time, I do not have any workarounds for the anchored objects.  I have seen other customer solutions, however, use a static layout for portrait and vertical view with an on timer script checking for screen width and changing appropriately.  I would keep in mind that an on timer script working that extensively has the potential to add a some overhead so I would test it out under applicable conditions.

          Aside from that or a button that users would have to select between layouts, FileMaker 11 may be the best route for your solution as you mentioned in your private message.

          Also, to answer your other question, FileMaker Go 11 is still available on the iTunes store.  The online FileMaker store, however, only carries the current version of FIleMaker Pro so you would want to go through the reseller route.

          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            I would like to see this issue addressed in a new build of FM Go.

            While it is possible as you mentioned to use the on timer script to switch layouts on rotation I really would not like to spend the time to do this when it will likely be resolved by FileMaker.  The new versions released are ment to make improvements not loose functionality.  

            I have found other issues and will post as I can find the time.  We all would like to have a stable application "that just works" as Steve Jobs put it.

             I wish the best to the R & D testing department and support them in their efforts to produce outstanding software. 



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                   Using FMGo 12 I have been experimenting with this issue. I find that I can get a portal object to disappear behind an opaque layout object such as a tab control, but only if I do not enable the portal scroll bar. Once I enable the scroll bar, it shows through when I open the file on an iPhone.

                   Here's a demo file that illustrates the difference: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78737945/portalCoverBugTest.fmp12

                   Tap the button with the > to flip between two layouts that are essentially identical except for the portal has a scroll bar in one layout and not in the other.

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                     Hi PhilModjunk,

                     I had finally got the answer to solve this problem, and have been to busy working to post a follow up.  I got the answer thanks to Tanner Ellen at SeedCode.  The trick is after creating the portal set it to 1 px wide set to expand horizontally when the device is rotated to Landscape. In my case I also have another tab on which 2 portals reside and are covered by the main tab that slides right to expose the tab panel.  I found it would hide the portal if just the left tab panel was set to 1 px wide, but the fields and buttons were still active and can show through unless the portal and the tab are set to 1 px wide.

                     This was a lot easier than designing second landscape layouts and using a OnTimer script trigger on the layouts.  :)



                     PS- thanks for the follow up on this.

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                       Regrettably, This issue still exists in FileMaker 13.

                       And while I applaud SeedCode's ingenuity and their generosity in letting others know about it, that approach is even more difficult to work with when making layout changes than hiding such objects behind an opaque layout object. Since Filemaker 13 offers a layout script trigger that is tripped when the iOS device rotates, I prefer two layouts and a generic script that swaps layouts than coming back a month later and trying to figure out what that vertical line on the edge of the layout is supposed to be....