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Question asked by BenGraham_1 on Apr 11, 2012
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Operating system version

iOS 5.1

Description of the issue

Does anyone else have this issue? My FM 11 files are fine in FM Go. I have a sliding tab that hides the left anchored portal on many layouts. When the iPad is horizontal the portal is to the left of the sliding tab panel and is displayed. In FM Go 12 when the iPad is moved to vertical position the tab panel slides left and coverst the portal...However the text and buttons in the scrolling portal show through the tab panel in a ghost like fashion. The portals are functional, but are mixed in with what is on the tab panel. Is there a way to keep the scroll bar on the portal and not have it display through the tab panel the way it works in FM Go 11?


Steps to reproduce the problem

just have a scrolling portal located full left, anchored left. Place a single tab panel that covers the portal above it 768 x 674 pt with right , top, and bottom anchors checked, left unchecked. Tab panel shall be brought to the very front most layer.

Have data in the scrolling portal. When iPad is horizontal portal will show with tab panel just to the right. (if portal is 256 pt wide) Then move iPad vertical and tab panel slides left covering up the portal. In Go_iPad 11.0.1 the tab panel will cover the scrolling portal with no problem.

In v 12.0.2 ( also on the iPhone version ) the scrolling portal data shows through the layer of the tab panel.

Expected result

Tab panel covers the scrolling portal as it did in Go 11 for iPad and iPhone.

Actual result

scrolling portal data is displayed right though the solid fill tab panel along with any data and objects that is on the tab panel.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



None yet.

See web link:

or post of same subject in Developer Forum with a downloadable video.

The video shows much better the problem than a screen shot