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Filemaker Go 12 -- lost records

Question asked by JustinWeiner on May 7, 2012
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Filemaker Go 12 -- lost records


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 5.1

Description of the issue

Hope someone can provide insight here...

I've got a new database built from the ground up in Filemaker Pro 12.  It's been running quite smoothly and storing jobsite photos captured on the "New iPad" (aka iPad 3) without a problem.  The database is populated with +/- 900 records and additional data is being added on a jobsite into containers (as photos) of the existing records (i.e. no new records are being added). 

My first day out, I modified about 150 records and copied the file back to my desktop over USB with expected results. I had a strange occurrence today that appears to have resulted in the loss of today's gathered records.

Basically, I added in several records and confirmed the fields as populated when out of the office.  I'm certain the data was captured without issue.  The work was completed and I clicked off the iPad 3.  A few hours later, when opening up the same database (but without closing all the open windows), the file reverted back to the last time it was uploaded.

I closed all open windows and the modified date/timestamp was when I had last synched the iPad to the desktop computer. 

I think this could this be a backgrounding issue on iOS 5.1 where cached data isn't committed until all windows on a database are closed.  About five hours of work (that will be very difficult to redo) has been lost.  Further, I may loose the needed group confidence in the solution to keep using Filemaker Pro/Go to complete the job. 

File syncing is over USB in iTunes (as the files are too large to email to myself) but the records have gone missing before the iPad was sync'ed.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I've tried to recreate the problem by opening up a database that's been transferred over usb, modifying records, leaving windows open while I switch to other tasks.

I've also tried to re-sync the app in iTunes and intentionally overwrite the data stored (possibly, with sync active. perhaps the original was accidentally "re-synced" and overwrote the day's work.

Expected result

I expected to see records lost or missing.

Actual result

File behaves normally.  I'll see how it goes with a few hours between the sync and/or additional apps being launched with Filemaker Go in the background.

Configuration information

iPad 3 w/ iOS 5.1.  Filemaker Go 12. 

I'm also syncing to iCloud (and not my local machine).  It's a head scratched because it shouldn't be related, but perhaps I'll stop cloud syncing for now.


I'm planning to do multiple progress saves moving forward, exporting a duplicate file as I work.