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    FileMaker Go 12 doubling height of fields



      FileMaker Go 12 doubling height of fields


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      FileMaker Go 12 DOUBLES the height of fields when people are doing data entry into those fields!

      I used FileMaker's (atrocious) theme builder to create a "touch" theme, and it automatically gave me all my fields at 33 points high. Fine. The fields are way bigger than anyone's finger, but whatever. That's what FileMaker thinks we need for the height of a field.

      Okay, so now whenever a user clicks into the field, the field EXPANDS VERTICALLY TO 66 POINTS HIGH! Why in the world would FileMaker Go do this? The field is already MORE than tall enough to contain every single character that a user would ever type into this field.

      Check out the 2 screenshots below.

      The 1st screenshot shows FileMaker Go showing the normal height of the field. The 2nd screenshot shows what happens when you click into the field. You can see by the vertical cursor line that there is NO NEED for FileMaker Go to expand the height of the field. The vertical cursor line NEATLY & CLEANLY fits into the original height of the field.

      This is an example that I just whipped together right now, but you can clearly see how this would interfere with clean data entry if other fields were close by… suddenly, the other field would be UNDERNEATH the field where the user is currently doing data entry, and the user might need to see those fields that would then be obscured.

      Does FileMaker also expect us to space the fields at 33 points apart from each other?

      This needs to be fixed immediately.