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    Filemaker Go Corrupted File



      Filemaker Go Corrupted File


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      iOS iphone 4

      Description of the issue

      i have a local FM go file on my iPhone. sometimes when i answer a call with the app open (or reply to a text message) when i go back to the file it's corrupted. when i pull it off in iTunes and run a restore, it restores the file but i says there wasn't anything wrong. i can get the data off.

      sometimes the file is corrupt even if i don't answer a phone call. sometimes after opening the app it just says the file is corrupt.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      i cannot reliably reproduce the issue, but this has been happening to several people using the same local file

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          David Weiner:

          Thank you for your post.

          First, make sure you have the fmrestorelogin extended privilege set up.  This will allow you to switch to other applications (or a phone call) and return to FileMaker Go without having to login again.  For more information about the fmrestorelogin privilege, see page 10 of the FileMaker Go Technical Brief at:


          It is also possible you have a corrupt database file.  With FileMaker Pro, run Recover on the file, and then download the recovered file to the iOS device(s). 

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            thank you!

            however, i am not sure i need the extended privilege, as the file is set up to automatically open with a login, so there's no logging back in.

            there are many scenarios of when this corruption occurs. sometimes they commit records, close out FM GO, then make a phone call, and then they can't open the file anymore. sometimes they answer a phone call and then when they end it, the file is damaged.

            i have several people running into this problem and each time i have given them a clean (never corrupted, never restored) copy of the file to use. 

            again, when i recover the file the log tells me it has found nothing is wrong. see attached screenshot. again, i have never given the users a recovered file. this is just to get the data off.


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              David Weiner:

              The fmrestorelogin extended privilege allows users to switch to other applications and back again without being prompted to enter in the password again.

              Although Recover is not a panacea, it should let you know if any problems exist.  From your screen shot, it appears this is not the case.  However, if the file is continually becoming corrupt, there is a reason.  What other applications are running on the iOS device when the file becomes corrupt?  When was the last time the iOS device was rebooted (to clear out any possible memory conflicts)?  Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                hi TSGal,

                from what you describe, i don't need the fmrestorelogin privilege as i have the database to automatically login upon opening. unless you think this is the problem?

                the file is continutally becoming corrupt but it's never the same file. everything it gets corrupt i have the user delete the file and send them a new one. there are several people using iTouches with the same file and have never had corruption. the corruption only occurs on the iPhone.

                there are no other apps running. yesterday there was a situation where the user enter some data, hit a button that commits data, hit the home button on the phone, and then drive home. made a phone call and then tried to open up the FM GO file and it said it was corrupt.

                i will ask them to reboot the phone to see if that solves anything but your feedback on this matter is very helpful.