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FileMaker Go crash and lost records after re-open

Question asked by DavidMansfield_2 on Aug 17, 2015
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FileMaker Go crash and lost records after re-open


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 8.4.1

Description of the issue

We have been having problems with a new database we made running in FileMaker Go 14 (offline, not connected to server).

We had the same problem in an old database on FMgo13 so I am now raising it as a problem as its no longer an isolated instance.

Occasionally our users will be creating records in a portal, they may get 3 done, maybe 20 and then FileMaker crashes (this can be after 1 minute of adding records or 30minutes).

When they re-open the file, everything they added in that session to the portal is gone.
During the time they are entering data, they will be changing fields, creating new portal rows, using buttons that insert text and using a button that adds a photo to a container.

I have seen rare occasions where the button to add the photo hangs trying to load the iOS gallery flyover thingy.

Steps to reproduce the problem

using a portal in a database on FileMaker Go adding records, text and inserting photos from the devices gallery (not directly from camera).

Expected result

Usual data entry.

Actual result

FileMaker will fully crash and close.

When opening the file after the crash, all the records that were created in the portal are gone, occasionally I have seen the first 1 or 2 remain.

This does not always happen, I would put it about 5% of the time a user is doing data entry into the portals.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

None, application just closes to iOS desktop.

Configuration information

File created in FileMaker Pro 14.

Also happened in a file created in FileMaker Pro 13 and used on FileMaker Go 13.


None so far.

Have tried adding commit script steps to all buttons to force records to save every time a user presses any buttons, this has not worked so far.