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FileMaker Go database fails consistency check and is damaged

Question asked by GarrettDebski on Jan 28, 2014
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FileMaker Go database fails consistency check and is damaged


FileMaker Go

Version (also happened on previous versions of Go 13 as well Go 12)

Operating system version

iOS 7.0.4

Description of the issue

Users are on iPads using a local FIleMaker Go database. 

The database also syncs data to and from FileMaker Server.

Out of 20-30 users, there are two individuals who experience this issue.

The database will randomly fail consistency check on open and report to the user that the database is damaged.  This has been happening to one individual about once a week.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I was able to have one of the sales reps send me the corrupted file.  I ran a recover and basically all the field indexes were toasted.

I have been unable to replicate the problem for myself.

Expected result

The database should just keep going and not have random melt downs.

Configuration information

Using GoZync to sync with server.  GoZync just uses regular FileMaker record creation and set fields so do not see any reason why this would be an issue.

I checked and user does not close database from multitask menu.

Sales Rep also denies having interruptions to the sync process from time outs etc.

User has been syncing over wifi only since the issue started - so cell service is not the issue.


User has to take an hour to reload the whole system.  An hour that sales reps do not have time to do.