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    FileMaker Go Destructive Revert error



      FileMaker Go Destructive Revert error


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      If a user get disconnected to the server will connected to FM Server, FileMaker Go will attempt to reconnect to the server.  This works well sometime but other times it can be extremely problematic. It appears either FM GO or FM Server gets confused and thinks that the record is locked when it attempts to reconnect.  Then a message appears to Revert the record because changes can't be saved because the record is being used by someone else. (nobody else is in the record).  When the user selects Revert (which is their only option), the whole found set of records is deleted.  I might expect one record being affected by not a whole found set of records.  There are not any cascading deletes that might affect this.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      This is a sporadic problem.  It doesn't consistently happen.  The way to reproduce it would be to try multiple times to disconnect from server inappropriately to see the revert message

      Expected result

      I would expect the record to not record lock and at the very least only one record should be affected.

      Actual result

      Occasionally a found set of records will be deleted, sometime FMGO says it can not reconnect and then sometimes FMGO will reconnect.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      A Revert message appears about somebody else is using the record and you can not save your information

      Configuration information

      FileMAker Server12 and FM Go 12


      Try to promote good practices on properly closing files or committing records.

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               I have been very irritated by this same behavior in FM GO 13. It's one of several ephemeral issues with FM GO that have made developing FM GO solutions very frustrating with lots of wasted time using trial and error to resolve.

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                 rgordon and PhilModJunk:

                 Thank you for your posts.

                 Normally, I would have you check relationships and make sure the option "Delete related record in this table when a record is deleted in the other table" is not checked.  However, one of our Support Technicians mentioned he had talked with you (rgordon) via telephone earlier today, so I know this isn't the case.

                 This issue has not been reported, and although I have received a lot of information from the Support Technician, please bear with me as I try to obtain more information.  This is what was conveyed to me...

                 The users are connected via WAN.  They close their iPads and perform some other activity.  When they come back, they generally are able to reconnect to the database (fmreauthticate<n> is working properly).  When you get the message that the record is in use (by the same user?), the option to Revert appears.  Even though one record was being accessed, when you revert, it deletes the entire found set.  A possible workaround presented by the Support Technician was to add a button to the layout that says "Submit to server" that performs a "Commit Records" script step.  You want the user to ideally close the file before closing the iPad.  The Support Technician wasn't sure if more than one file was involved, but he felt that wasn't the case.  To him, it sounded like all the users were accessing the same file.  It also sounded like the users were using the same layout for entering data.  Another suggestion for safety was to enter data into global fields, and then click a "Submit" button to update, but he understood there were several related tables involved and was probably not feasible.  Please confirm to make sure I have the correct understanding.  Any additional information you want to clarify may be helpful.

                 Since this has happened a few times, is it generally the same user(s)?  Is it generally the same records being accessed/deleted?


                 Thank you for your post.

                 Do you get the same "Revert" error message?  Do records you haven't touched also get deleted when reverted?  Have you noticed any commonalities between the instances when this has happened?

                 I realize this issue is not sporadic and not easily reproducible, which makes it frustrating for everyone (but not nearly to the extent on your side or on the user side).  Any additional data you can provide before I submit this to Development and Testing would be appreciated.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   I'm getting a Revert Message with my Phone as the only client, FileMaker Advanced on the local WiFi as the host after making design changes to the file and while my Phone has gone to sleep with the file open. (I set the phone down, start modifying the database, pick the phone back up, unlock it and get the error message.)

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                     Thanks for your quick reply.  Here is how a typical users would interact with the program.  A principal logs in to see a list of teacher observations that they only have access.  Then they click on a teacher and go to a layout were they enter related data mainly into a portal and some related records.  What I suspect is happening is a principal might work on a report and then they might stop working for awhile and put the iPad to sleep or they might be moving from one hot spot to another.  Sometimes they are reconnected but occasionally times they receive the dreaded Revert message.  They only have one option to click Revert and when they do this, all of the found set of records are deleted.  All of the data is stored in multiple tables in one file.  There are not any cascading deletes that come into play.  I'm working with the principals on using best practices when they are finished working on a record.  What worries me the most is the Revert deletes the found set on the list.  I could understand were one child record might be affected by the Revert put not the found set of parent records.  This issue has happened 4 times that I'm aware.  3 times over a WAN and once over a LAN. Putting data into a global is not a optional.  I might be able to limit their found set of records to 1 when they leave the list view.  I still would face the problem on one record being deleted with the Revert.

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                       Are your users allowed to override validation error messages? I'm wondering if that might be why they don't get a cancel option--even though for me cancel isn't really much help as it just triggers the error all over again...

                       I haven't seen any loss of data here, but my whole set up is quite different also.

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                         Phil, you might be on to something.  Users are not allowed to override the validation error message.  I might try this option but I think it might just put them into an endless loop until they they select the Revert button.

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                           I don't expect it to work. It doesn't work for me. I was just checking to see if that's why I get cancel and you don't. Cancel shouldn't work as it just returns you to the layout where you trip the spurious validation error all over again. angry