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FileMaker Go Destructive Revert error

Question asked by rgordon on Jan 23, 2014
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FileMaker Go Destructive Revert error


FileMaker Go



Operating system version


Description of the issue

If a user get disconnected to the server will connected to FM Server, FileMaker Go will attempt to reconnect to the server.  This works well sometime but other times it can be extremely problematic. It appears either FM GO or FM Server gets confused and thinks that the record is locked when it attempts to reconnect.  Then a message appears to Revert the record because changes can't be saved because the record is being used by someone else. (nobody else is in the record).  When the user selects Revert (which is their only option), the whole found set of records is deleted.  I might expect one record being affected by not a whole found set of records.  There are not any cascading deletes that might affect this.

Steps to reproduce the problem

This is a sporadic problem.  It doesn't consistently happen.  The way to reproduce it would be to try multiple times to disconnect from server inappropriately to see the revert message

Expected result

I would expect the record to not record lock and at the very least only one record should be affected.

Actual result

Occasionally a found set of records will be deleted, sometime FMGO says it can not reconnect and then sometimes FMGO will reconnect.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

A Revert message appears about somebody else is using the record and you can not save your information

Configuration information

FileMAker Server12 and FM Go 12


Try to promote good practices on properly closing files or committing records.