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Filemaker Go glitchy under iOS 7.03

Question asked by VincentAngeloni on Nov 7, 2013
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Filemaker Go glitchy under iOS 7.03


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Description of the issue

I have had several glitches and bugs since upgrading to iOS 7. In particular, a photo database I created will capture a picture, appear to save the picture properly, but when you go back to the record later, there is nothing there. I totally deleted the database and reinstalled both FM Go and my databases from scratch. The issue seems to persist periodically, but quitting FM Go and relaunching seems to fix it temporarily.

This morning when trying to enter car mileage in a mileage database, a dialog popped up saying "you can't enter anything in this field while it is open for editing in another window". Hmmm. Last time I looked you can only run one window at a time in iOS 7 and this is not a database which links to a database on a server.

Is there an update in the works? This is getting to be a serious issue for me and the lack of reliability when dealing with pictures for a medical record is unacceptable.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Take a picture using a picture field. Save it. Go to previous record, then forward to the one you just created and sometimes, nothing is there.

Expected result

the picture you took should be there.

Actual result

No picture was saved.


Quitting and restarting the app sometimes fixes the glitch temporarily.