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FileMaker Go has an internal web preview that can not render the new FMP 14 button bars

Question asked by magnusgandemo on Jun 11, 2015
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FileMaker Go has an internal web preview that can not render the new FMP 14 button bars


FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 14.0.1 15 april 2015

Operating system version

iOS 8.3

Description of the issue

If you open a server hosted solution in FileMaker Go and wants to use WebDirect from inside FileMaker Go, you can put a button with - Open URL ("MyServer/fmi/webd").

When you log into the system in WebDirect you are NOT in a web browser but in a web preview node in FileMaker Go. This preview mode can not render the new FileMaker button items with tests ans icons.

It is possible to open the solutions in Safari (in the top right corner) and then you will have to log in another time.

Please observe that Open URL in FileMaker Go also ads the "http://" string to te server name so if you have an encrypted server you cannot use "https://" as part of your server name.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Take one of the FileMaker bundled solutions and put it on the server. Add a button in a layout. Set the button to use Open URL and go to the web direct log in page.

Take an iPad and open FileMaker Go and open the solution. Use the button with "Open URL" and log into the solution.

All the new button bars are adjusted to  the left and the icons are moved from there positions.

Expected result

I expect it to look as it does in Safari or Chrome on the iPad

Actual result

The button bars are destroyed

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

The button bars are destroyed

Configuration information



Continue to go to Safari. An extra burdon on the iPad users.