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    Filemaker Go on iPad keeps disconnecting from database



      Filemaker Go on iPad keeps disconnecting from database


      FileMaker Go


      for iPad

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      iPad 1

      Description of the issue

      I am hosting a Filemaker database on a laptop and connecting to it using Filemaker Go on an iPad.  When I let the iPad sit idle for even five minutes it disconnects from the database, and then when I try to log back in, it tells me there is no wifi connection and no host computer available.  However, if I then try Safari, it is connected to the internet.  After a minute or so, Filemaker Go shows the host computer again and I can log back in.

      This is incredibly annoying.  I have put the iPad sleep settings on "Never", and I have also made sure that the "Disconnect user from FileMaker Server when idle" option in Filemaker is not checked.  Is there some other sleep / disconnect when idle setting that I am missing?!

      Possibly relevant information: my Filemaker database lives on a Dell laptop with Windows Vista. On this computer, I am running Filemaker Pro Version 11, and I am sharing this database over the Filemaker Network.  I am connecting to this database using an iPad 1 and Filemaker Go (downloaded 3/10/2011).  Both the laptop and the iPad are connecting to the internet using a wireless router (Netgear, Wireless-N).