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Filemaker Go on iPhone Incompatibilities in Landscape Orientation

Question asked by fredochs on Feb 23, 2011
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Filemaker Go on iPhone Incompatibilities in Landscape Orientation


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iPhone 4

Description of the issue

When I switch from portrait to landscape orientation, I have noticed the following two bugs. (1) In a layout that has header, body, and footer, in table view the footer disappears in landscape orientation. It is correct in portrait orientation. (2) Tab Controls do not work properly (or perhaps are intermittent) in landscape orientation while they work correctly in portrait. I suspect there are also problems with buttons but have not investigated enough yet.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Simple to reproduce and I think sufficient information is in the description of the problem.

Expected result

Portrait and landscape should behave similar in these aspects (no pun intended).

Actual result

Tab controls do not switch to different tab pages when the tabs are tapped. The footer disappears in landscape orientation in a table view. The footer does NOT disappear in landscape orientation when in form view of the same layout.