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FileMaker GO perpetual sort

Question asked by RichCornett on Oct 8, 2010
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FileMaker GO perpetual sort


FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 1.1.1 (Build Sep 7, 2010)

Operating system version

iPad ( iOS 3.2.2 ) remote solution hosted by PC Filemaker Pro 9.0v3

Description of the issue

::FM Go stuck in perpetual resort records mode

Created a simple database that allows users to set a numeric to a field that can be referenced by a script to SORT the records.

In my solution, if a user presses the SORT button then begins to change field contents connected to that sort, FM Go may arbitrarily begin to redisplay the viewed records in the new sort pattern while the user is modifying multiple records without the user again pressing the sort button.
This live sort, or perpetual resort, causes constant screen redraws and user confusion.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a DB containing a field [SCode] to hold a numeric value
2. Create a script that sorts on that field [SCode]
3. On a layout, create a button that runs the sort script
4. On the same layout, show the [SCode] field
5. View Records as a LIST
6. Press the SORT button (set to sort [SCode])
7. Begin modifying records, entering with higher or lower numbers into the SCode field with the idea of varying the sort order of the records
8. Press the sort button on the layout
9. Continue modifying the records with higher or lower numbers with the idea of varying the sort order of the records.

... after four or more records are modified, the DB may resort the displayed records without the user having touched the scripted button, causing the display to reorder.

## I have a simple solution (80K)I can send that will show this issue.

Expected result

The expected result is for the display to stay STATIC, unchanged while the user modifies records until the user presses the scripted sort button causing the display to update to the new sort order.

Actual result

Display is constantly sorting the display, causing screen redraws that leave the user lost.