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Filemaker GO still broken in OS 7 on iPhone

Question asked by rlouchejr on Sep 20, 2013
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Filemaker GO still broken in OS 7 on iPhone


FileMaker Go


FileMaker Go for iPhone updated 09/19/2013

Operating system version

IOS 7.0 updated 09/18/2013

Description of the issue

Fields that are data formatted (date, time) appear not fill the field or if they do, they do not display or print. Database is on iPhone IOS 7.0. Database is NOT shared or even open to another user, only used by myself.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Select a date data formatted field. The window opens to select the day, date, year by rolling the corresponding wheel to set the day or date or year. When set the entire setting appeared selected. When moving to another field, the selection does not appear in the field just modified. The modified field appears blank. When attempting to modify again I get a dialogue box stating that the field is being modified by another user and can not be modified. I have to boot the application to clear this dialogue.

Expected result

Date in Data formatted field should display after completed entry is higlighted as selected and I move to another field.

Actual result

no display, apparently no entry, prints with blank field


Only able to manually enter date or time into preformatted field by deselecting the pre formatted button.