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FileMaker Go with Server

Question asked by MichaelBoyle on Aug 30, 2010
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FileMaker Go with Server


FileMaker Go


Go:1 Server:11

Operating system version

Mac 10.5

Description of the issue

I've finally gotten FileMaker Server to backup and then run a script to move the latest backup to a folder that syncs with iTunes for FileMaker Go. This way I can have an updated local copy on the iPad if I don't have 3g or wifi access to the online version of the file. Still having a few problems though...

1) The file on the iPad doesn't get replaced by the new backup that is supposed to sync via iTunes. It seems to work if I delete the file on the iPad before syncing (and re-add it to iTunes) but is this the expected behavior? Is there anyway to make this more automatic?

2) Sometimes the file that gets synced wont open on the iPad (with the dreaded 808 error). Recovering the file will allow it to open, but do I really have to check this every time? The files open in Filemaker 11 with no problems. I know that FileMaker Go is more sensitive to corruption than FileMaker, but why does this happen intermittently?

3) I originally tried doing this using DropBox, but the file corruption problem still seems to come up periodically (not to mention that I can't open the file from DropBox unless I can get online).

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have FMP Server backing up to my Dropbox folder (every 4 hours and keeping 1 copy) then it runs this shell script which copies that backup to the folder where iTunes expects to find it:



for i in `find $SRC_DIR -maxdepth $DEPTH -name "$SEARCH"`;
cp $i $DST_DIR/;

Expected result

To have an up-to-date copy of the served FileMaker file on the iPad in case of no 3g or wifi accessibility.

Actual result

The file doesn't get replaced on the iPad and periodically wont open because of error 808.

Configuration information

Server is an iMac 24" running OSX 10.5 and FMPS 11.