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    FileMaker Go without 'window' options

    Markus Schneider


      FileMaker Go without 'window' options


      FileMaker Go


      13.04 iPad 4

      Operating system version

      iOS 7.1.1

      Description of the issue

      sometimes, the menu items from the top-left menus in FMGo are not available. A grey area will be shown, no windows.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      work with iPad for some days
      click on the menu on the top left corner
      - a grey area without any windows appears

      Expected result


      Actual result


      Configuration information

      iPad 4, iOS 7.1.1


      stop FMGo and start it again


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               markus schneider:

               Thank you for your post.

               How long had you been using FileMaker Go before noticing this issue?  What actions did you take just prior to the gray screen?  What other applications are running at the time this occurred?  What information is on your screen?  Portals?  Web Viewers?  Images?  Movies?  List view?

               From your post, it sounds like this has happened more than once.  Did this occur on the same layout?  Same file?  Same record?

               Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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            Markus Schneider

                 I'm working with the iPad, all day long - and I rarely restart. This kind of problems occurred after the update to the latest version. Before, there were some graphic issues - but it was the first time that I could no longer select windows.


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              Markus Schneider

                   this it what happens every now and then with the forum software... I _can't_ edit. After every character I'm typing, the keyboard goes away. It's very frustrating - and this for years...


                   I'm working mostly with one FM file, definitly not the same record, not just one layout. As it happened that time when I took the screenshot, there was onother brand new DB open as well. I don't have more than 2 or 3 files open, mostly one single file

                   No webviewers, no graphics, no movies, just text. There are some Popovers (containing portal records) and some of these 'slide-elements' (the new ones with the bullets on the bottom where one can slide)

                   Since this is my main app', the problem occurs mostly with this file. Before of the update, there were some cases where a layout wasn't drawn complete (looked like half of the window was on the left side, outside the screen. One time (at least), a popover was not drawn, just the text and the fields were visible.

                   The file is about 12 MB

                   I got some other apps open, no games, safari, mail, calendar, drafts, omni focus, good reader, fotos, notes plus, weather pro, app store, i41cx

                   Other apps seem to be working fine (safari did one or an other time quit - but this seem to be a known issue)

                   As said in the first post, quitting FMGo (swipe it of of the 'dock') and restarting FMGo helps

                   I have some other screenshots (with missing popovers - and some screenshots from my app, maybe those can give an overview of the app)

                   Thank You very much!

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                     markus schneider:

                     Thank you for the additional information.

                     I would definitely like to see the screen shots.  You can either post them here, or you can send them to me (check your Inbox at the top of this screen for instructions where to send them).

                     A copy/clone of your database file may also be helpful.  Let me know what actions you are taking on a regular basis, including the buttons/scripts being executed.

                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Markus Schneider

                       Thank You very much for your reply!

                       I'm  on 'the road', got only 3G/4G and the iPad for the next couple of days. I will send in the screenshots - but no chance for a clone.

                       I don't know how many people are working with the iOS this way.. I almost never write something on paper - all on iPad or iPhone, all day/night long.. and I do restarts - but maybe every couple of months.. when and how did we restart our paper-sheets?



                       All of my log's for my work are written down in a FileMaker db (that's the db from the screenshots), when I need a calculation I rather use a db-file instead of an excel sheet, I am writing a lot using my fingers with Notes plus, to-do's are in Focus, all the manuals and help-files are in GoodReader, etc. I never use a keyboard or a pen on iOS (means a lot of gestures, can also force some strange things..)

                       Saying this, the issues with FMGo are strange - but not a real 'big' problem. But it could be a hint to a problem lying deeper.. (FMGo on iOS is slower than FM Pro on a desktop - increasing the speed would be much more important IMHO)


                       screenshots will be sent via pm

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                         markus schneider:

                         I received your screen shots.  Thank you.

                         None of the details I see on the layouts look out of the ordinary.  I realize that doesn't help you.

                         Since this happens regularly, after each time this occurs, please write down the layout you were accessing, the table being viewed, the record being viewed, the action you were taking, etc.  This may help locate possible causes.

                         You previously mentioned that you "rarely restart" the iPad.  To rule out any possible system issues, please restart the iPad at least once per week.

                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Markus Schneider

                           Thank You!

                           Yes - restarting helps...