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Filemaker Go won't show related field when called from script

Question asked by HadiHassaoui on Jan 22, 2011
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Filemaker Go won't show related field when called from script


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iPad version 4.2.1

Description of the issue

I Have a database hosted on FM server 11, build with Filemaker Pro adavanced 11. I made a script to send e-mail with a specific text message and subject. Those Message and subject are field in a related table. In the send e-mail step of the script, the subject and message are calculation that refer to those field. Here an example with the Maintable and the Emailtable:

In Maintable, send e-mail using specific SMTP, the e-mail adress came from field : 
Maintable::eMail, the subject came  from calculation : "blablabla "& Maintable::xxxfield & Emailtable::Subject,  the Message came from caclulation : "blablabla "& Maintable::xxxfield & Emailtable::message

The script work perfectly on my mac with Filemaker Pro 11 (in fact on 2 different mac), the message is sent with all the information.

But on the iPad, all the Emailtable field are not in the e-mail. Other than that the script act exactly as on Filemaker Pro.
Any Clue???????