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Filemaker is very unstable on Snow Leopard

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2009
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Filemaker is very unstable on Snow Leopard

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I am very disappointed in the continued crasing of FM on snow leopard.  The latest crash occured when selecting to 'Recover' a damaged file.  I don't believe the file was damaged, I was just testing the recover process since I was have a LOT of problems with other files.  When done, the dialog box appears (blank) and then crashes.  My disappointment increases when finding out that there are a large number of reports both here and many other locations of problems with filemaker and Snow Leopard.  I believe that there is a problem with Filemaker and the changes in Snow Leopard file system.  The silence is deafening........  Why isn't there a better system of reporting bugs for people that cannot afford hundreds or thousands of dollars for 'personal' help..... I have spent so many years developing and selling people on the benifits and stability of filemaker up until this point. Sign me, Terribly Disappointed