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    FileMaker not responding



      FileMaker not responding


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      I have been trying to add fields to an existing table or create a new table in the Manage Database dialogue box. When I have created the relevant fields and click the OK button in the bottom right, the dialogue box whites out slightly, and the phrase “(Not responding)” appears in the dialogue box's title bar. Moreover all of the table information disappears.

      I can click on the title bar, but if I move the mouse cursor into the body of the dialogue box, it is transformed into an egg timer. I have no option but to shut the program down.

      Does anyone have any idea how I can prevent this from happening because it is, frankly, bloody annoying.


      Steps to reproduce the problem

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      Expected result

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      Actual result

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      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      There are no error messages.

      Configuration information

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      I wish.

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               There can be a longer delay between clicking OK to close Manage | database and returning to the main FileMaker window than is usual in FileMaker 11, but it should pop up eventually.

               If you create a brand new fileMaker file and try this do you get the same results with this file?

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                 Dear Phil

                 Thanks for getting back to me once again.

                 I've only just returned to this issue, and I've discovered a solution. I find that if I type in the name of the new field and then click "OK" as opposed to "Create", FileMaker asks if I want to create the new field (which I obviously do), and then it closes the dialogue box. When I go back into Manage database, I find that the new field is still there.


                 It's a pain having to do things this laborious way,  but I'm just glad it works.


                 Thanks again