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Filemaker ODBC Memory Leak with LabView

Question asked by EdQuigley on May 2, 2013
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Filemaker ODBC Memory Leak with LabView


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Filemaker 12 vs 2,3,& 4

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Description of the issue

Every time I write a record from NI Labview rev 2012 to Filemaker using the Filemaker ODBC driver, the labview memory creeps up between 56-80kb (as observed in the Windows Task Manager). The NI people spend a bit of time investigating this and found that the filemaker ODBC driver was not telling Labview it was finished with the memory transaction. The Microsoft ODBC Driver for Access had a similar design flaw. However, it is unclear if Filemaker ODBC followed the same design constrains as Microsoft.

This isn't much of an issue when running programs for short periods of time (Up to 12 hours). However, when running Labview 24/7 for more than 24 hours, the computer crashes due to lack of system memory.

I have a simple filemaker database and Labview app which I sent to NI so that they could test this issue which is available to anyone interested in this issue.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1)Create a filemaker Database
2) Create a ODBC DSN link to the Database.
3) Create Labview app to write data repeatedly (Loop) to Filemaker.
4) run Labview and watch the memory creep in the Task Manager.

Expected result

Memory should be released after each write to Database from Labview.

Actual result

The Labview App memory creeps up by 64-80kb per each write to the Filemaker database.

Configuration information

you need to install and configure Filemaker ODBC for Labview to access the database.


So far the only work around is to halt the Labview program and wait for about one minute for the system to clear out the program and memory and restart Labview every 6-10 hours of runtime.