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FIlemaker Print options missing

Question asked by daknecht on Nov 18, 2010
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FIlemaker Print options missing


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker 11

Operating system version

OSX Snow

Description of the issue

I have a FIlemaker database on a remote network Mac running Filemaker 10 and Filemaker 11 on my office computer.  This setup has worked fine until last week.  Now, if I open a database on the remote computer using my office Mac over the network and try to print, none of the Filemaker specific print options (print current record/print all records being browsed etc.) are visible.  If I print from the local computer that hosts the database, everything is normal and the options are available.  So at present, I cannot print a single record because it defaults to all records being browsed.
The attached image shows the print dialog box.  The Tab that says Layout, should say Filemaker Pro and there is no Filemaker Pro option in the pull down.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It happens every time I print.