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Question asked by DennisvanBurik on Sep 16, 2011
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OSX Lion

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Hi everbody,

I have 3 tabels (Customer, Company, and CustCom) and have the Customer tabel linkt to CustCom. And Custcom linkt to Company.

Tabel Customer has its unique CustomerID
and Company his own CompanyID and
CustCom has CustomerID and CompanyID.

Now I want to see by customer to which company it is linkt.
So i have a portalscreen by customer where i can select the company and then i see the customer by the company.

Now i want to make a button by customer layout to create a new company and automatically fill the CompanyID in the portal list by the Customer.
I make a script but it isn't working. The script goes to the company layout creates a new record and then goes back to customer layout and then goes to the field CompanyID.
Then I use this code: GetNthRecord ( Mens_Bedrijf::BedrijfID ; +1 ) to fill in the CompanyID.
but the CompanyID isn't automatically filled in. I still have to choose the new CompanyID in de list.

Can someone help me with my issue?

D. v. Burik