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      Description of the issue

      I want to know how to allow the entry of data in a string separated by a comma - e.g.

      this, that, something, otherthing

      Can anyone help, please?

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          Please give a more detailed example of what you want.

          You can certainly type in data into a single text field separated by commas such as Apple, Orange, Pear and you can also write a script that takes such data and processes it in many different ways.

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            Thank you for your response. I had not adequately described what I am attempting...

            Is it possible to choose data items from a Value List, separating the items by a comma?

            Data to be entered from a Value List is the 'Country of Origin' of plants e.g.

            Bhutan, Sichuan, Burma, Tibet

            There is possibly a script that makes it foolproof - not yet very familiar with scripts.

            Thank you again..

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              If you format a field with a check box group, you can select multiple values by clicking check boxes.

              Then a calculation with this expression:

              Substitute ( checkBoxField ; ¶ ; ", " )

              Will produce your list of values separated by commas.

              Such an expression can be defined in a calculation field set to return text as its return type and then no scripting is required for this.

              Depending on the needs of your database, you may also want to set up a join table between your Plants table and your CountryOfOrigin table and use it to link any number of country records to any number of Plant records. If so, a calculation that uses the List function can produce the same list of values as the checkboxField would.

              PS. You have posted this question in the bug report (report an issue) section of the forum. If you post such questions in the FileMaker Pro section, you will likely get a quicker response and from more people.