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      FileMaker Pro 12

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      Windows 7

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      Hallo! I am using FileMaker Pro 12 and have imported an Excel file to FileMaker Pro 12 file. It was successful but then I exported the Filemaker file to a Starter Solution for Contacts database. Not all of the original fields were imported but only those that corresponded to the ready made ones in the Starter Solution file. I have aligned and indexed the fields from the original file with the target solution fields but then after the import the new fields from the original file were not there ( even though it showed that they are there during the alignment of fields for import).
      I need help to import all the original fields to the solution file which does not seem to be able to change but preserves its ready made fields only without combining with new ones.

      Thank you in advance.

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               Report An Issue is intended for Reporting Possible Software bugs. Questions on how to work with FileMaker Pro should be posted in the FM Pro Forum Section. (See tab at top of this screen.)

               Import records cannot add new fields to an existing target table. You'll need to use Manage | Database | fields to add the required additional fields to your target table before you import. Then you have the needed fields to align in the import mapping dialog that pops up when you use this tool.

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                 Thank you, PhilModJunk. I am sorry that I wrote in the wrong place. What you´ve suggested I´ve already done. I have added new fields and aligned them with the target ones in the import mapping dialog but even though it showed me that the field names fit , after the import execution the source fields were missing. The target fields as ready made ones from the starter solution are the only ones exisitng and the information from the source fields that fit the target ones is there but not the new fields that I wanted to import extra to the existing ones.

                 I hope you understand  now and can help me find a solution.

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                   I doubt that the source fields are missing. More likely, you don't have a layout that refers to the new fields. When you add a new field to a table in your database, the new field is not necessarily added to your layout automatically. (If the right preference setting is selected, new fields will be added automatically to the CURRENT layout, but even then, this won't add them to all layouts.)

                   I would guess that you need to enter layout mode and add the fields to your layout, or, if using table view, click the modify button and add the new fields to the "view".

                   And in table view, there's a limit in how many columns of data you can see at the same time so once you get a view of about 50-60 columns of data, you may find that you can't see any more columns without first removing some other columns from the view.

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                     Thank you for the suggestions and possible solutions, PhilModJunk but as I wrote the problem is with the IMPORT of Filemaker file to Filemaker file with a starter solution. Then in the field mapping window I align all the source and target fields by adding new fields that exist only in the original file but even by adding them in the mapping dialog they do not import in the new file with a starter solution. There are only the fields ready made from the starter solution.( Please note that the Filemaker file without a starter solution is imported from an Excel sheet successfully but to import it to a starter solution file the problem is with the new fields to import...)

                     I hope it is clearer now.Thank you.


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                       If the fields are mapped correctly, the data they contain will be imported. It may look like it is due to a problem with the Import, but from what you described, it could also very easily have been a case of not having the newly added fields on the correct layout so that you can actually see the data that is imported. That is still a possibility if you added your new layouts to the wrong table. I don't know that you did that, but must suggest that possibility as it is consistent with what you have described.

                       I suggest using save a copy with the clone option to get an empty copy of your file and importing again. Please then capture a screen shot of the import mapping dialog as you have it configured just before you click to advance to the next step. If the data does not import as you expected, then report back with a screen shot of that dialog. You may also want to upload a screen shot of your layout where it appears that the data did not import as expected.

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                         I mapped the fields correctly but the fields that do not correspond, or are not the same in the source and target table cannot be imported even though I tried to index them by manage database>create new field> index the new field from options> storage.

                         I tried now to import the source table as a new table instead of mixing it with the current table 'contacts" and then import it so now I have 2 tables, one of which is the original file I wanted to import, that is mix the fields with the starter solution fields and the other table is the starter solution current table. Thus, both tables are independent. I tried to define relationships between them but it is not the same. I need all fields mixed by aligning the same ones in field mapping before import and adding extra the new ones that do not exist in the starter solution table. It does not work, still...

                         I thought by now that the problem can be with indexing the new fields I have created and alignrd in both tables in the mapping. I repeat again that the problem with import is that after mapping all fields, the same ones in source and target table and adding new ones , the new ones do not import.

                         I still cannot find a solution, mayybe you have another idea? I made screenshots but cannot send you here..

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                           I doubt that indexing has anything to do with this. In the import mapping dialog, you can drag fields up and down to align specific fields in your table with specific columns/fields in the file being imported in order to properly align the fields for importing. And you also need to pay attention to the symbol between the aligned fields. If you want the data to import and this is to create new records in your table, the symbol should be an arrow not a line.

                           What you have tried is not what I suggested that you try in my previous post.

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                             Dear PhilModJunk,

                             I dragged and aligned the fields as I have to and of course put an arrow relationship to those I wanted to import and hyphen to those that I didn´t need to import. I want to show you this here through pasting the screenshots I´ve made but cannot. Please tell me how to put my screenshots here so that to show you what I´ve done.

                             Thank you for your patience and time.


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                               Capture your screen shot and save it as a file that is a GIF, JPG or PNG file. The easiest way to do this in widows is to use the Print Scrn button to capture the image (Alt-Prt Scrn captures the current window or dialog) and then paste the image thus copied to the clipboard into Windows Paint where you can edit and then save the captured image.

                               Then return to this thread and click the Browse button below Post a new Answer and select this file.

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                            /files/c74789c521/Import_Field_Mapping_Screenshot.png 819x460
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                              /files/4df22ac4e4/Manage_database_for_starter_solution_contacts_screenshot.png 819x460
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                                     Thank you for the screen shots, they rule out several possible issues.

                                     In your very first post, you said: "Not all of the original fields were imported but only those that corresponded to the ready made ones in the Starter Solution file."

                                     What I can't see in these screen shots is what is missing once you have imported your data. Can you capture a screen shot that shows what is missing? And a key difference is to determine whether you have records that are missing or fields that are empty...

                                     Helpful Hint: When trying to check whether an import worked as expected, it's often useful to use a Table view as this will allow you to examine the data in many records and in many fields all at the same time and you can even dynamically change which fields are visible while you do such checks...

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                                       Dear PhilModJunk,

                                       I think it makes no use to make a screenshot of the missing fields as they are not in the imported file, that is, during field mapping they are there( I created them in the source and target table) but after I import all the fields they are missing in the new imported file. These are 3 fields, 2 of which are empty. It is not a problem to create the empty fields again but the field "date" has numbers(dates) that I cannot recreate easily for 5800 contacts in my database..

                                       I checked many times in all views and layouts, not there..

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                                         It's your choice but I still would like to see a screen shot. Two such shots, one in browse mode and one in layout mode would be helpful in ruling out some possible layout issues that may be the reason that the fields appear empty.

                                         Here's another approach to also consider: What kind of data is in these fields? Is it strictly text? or a date or other type of data? And how did that type compare to the field type specified for the new field you defined in the starter solution to receive the imported data?

                                         Also, your screen shot shows the starter solution layout in Forum View. That only allows you to see one record at a time--which is part of why I suggested you check your data from table view. I'd like to know if the fields are empty in all of your records or just some of the records.

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