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    FileMaker Pro



      FileMaker Pro


      12 v.2

      Operating system version

      Windows XP

      Description of the issue


      In some records it calculates ... not in others.

      Is it a mistake?

      not display the number 1 (green field)


      win xp


      Steps to reproduce the problem

      0.- tengo una tabla con 3.520.863 registros.
      1.- cree campos de cálculo con la formula :
      If( COD_ENS = 10 and COD_GRA = 5 ; 1 ; 0 )

      No evaluar si todos los campos estan vacios -> MARCADO

      ...donde ambos campos COD_ENS y COD_GRA no estan vacios.

      Visualizo modo Browser y veo que algunos registros tienen el 1, otros que tambien cumplen con el IF estan vacios.

      Expected result

      cuando se cumpla la regla que aparezca el valor que corresponde.

      Actual result



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          Your post in FMDev does not provide any info not posted here.

          If COD_ENS and COD_GRA are both empty for a given record, this calculation will be empty due to the selected option in the lower left corner of you dialog box. "Do not evaluate if all the referenced fields are empty". So that is one possible explanation as to why the field is empty. I can see where fields with these apparent names are present and have the needed values for 1 to appear, but we'd need to see this layout while in layout mode to be able to confirm that these are the correct fields and that they aren't accidentally set up to point to a related table occurrence or something.

          I'd also try reproducing this in a new file created from scratch. If it works correctly, may your file or a field index is damaged. Try recovering the file to see if the recovered copy evaluates the values correctly.

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            Adjunto vista presentación.


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              Thanks David, Paul,


              >FWIW, the If() is superfluous. All you need is the COD_ENS = 10 and COD_GRA = 5 in the calc box.

              absolutely right, was an attempt to solve.


              >Could be that you have a corrupt index somewhere!

              the base has been recovered (5 hours approx.)