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    FileMaker Pro



      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac 10.6.6

      Description of the issue

      Data in dropdown window(s) sometimes does not show, sometimes it does. When not showing it is "as if' the fonts have become white and are not visible on the white background. This is happening in two fields. When you click on the "apparently' EMPTY dropdown window, data IS entered into the field. One field is using Geneva fonts and the other, Times. In the browse mode the field(s) are blue fonts on yellow background. In dropdown they are both black fonts on white background.

      Is their a way to change the background color of the dropdown window so the "white" fonts (when that happens) would be visible?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Click on the field, sometimes the list shows, sometimes it doesn't. Click again and it seems to "toggle" to the other condition.

      Expected result

      I'd like to see the dropdown contents all the time

      Actual result

      Sometimes I don't, when apparently we have white fonts on white background.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      Nothing I can think of


      Restart FM Pro and or restart Mac.  Sometimes things are visible in the dropdown, sometimes not. No really a work around but I thought it might help

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          Does this only occur in one file or can you reproduce this if you create a small test file from scratch?

          Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) has had a history of font problems that in turn causes problems for FileMaker's ability to display text correctly. Have you researched that issue? (I'm not a Mac user, but am quoting from numerous other Snow Leopard related posts that have been made here.)

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            I had previously experienced "invisible" fonts in FIELDS and corrected by changing to fonts that didn't disappear. This time, however the fonts chosed are those that did NOT exhibit disappearance in the BROWSE mode (or Layout mode).  I'll try to duplicate problem in making a new file but will have to wait until tomorrow as software/files are on a client's machine running 10.6 and all I have is 10.5.8 on my laptop at this location. Problem probably won't show up on my version of the system.  I'll repost results Thursday.   -=Mike=-

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              I had experienced the "invisible" fonts IN THE BROWSE mode, previously and solved it by changing to fonts that were visible. The fonts i"m using now ARE visible in the layout mode BUT sometimes not in the dropdown box.  Still looking for a way to make the background of the dropdown box gray so black OR white fonts will show. That would be a good workaround.  -=Mike=-

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                I AM a Mac user (10.6.6 and FMPA 11) and have yet to experience the font anomalies Phil describes. I would check everything possible: formatting (text color), conditional formatting, viewing the installed fonts in another application . . . anything you can check. Also I would consider reinstalling the font(s) if all else fails. There are utilities available that verify fonts. 


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                  Formatting of the fonts IN THE DROPDOWN does not seem possible (so far) They seem to inherit the font face from the field layout BUT the font color seems to be always black (and the dropdown background always white.) I have changed fonts in the field layout to known "good" fonts as concerns the invisible ones with 10.6.6.  Still working