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    FileMaker Pro



      FileMaker Pro


      unsure, but is used Fp3 format

      Operating system version

      Win 7

      Description of the issue

      I need help to find username and password for opening an old file that I am about to convert to Fm Pro 11.  It is in use on my clients machine, but I am not able to open it when converting on another pc.    I have looked everywhere on the machine where vthe file is opened every day, but all I find is a username group and a pssword that is used daily.

      Can anyone help me?

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          FileMaker 3 (fp3) files did not encrypt passwords unlike current releases of the product. If you can open the file with another application that lets you read the data in the file as text, (Used to be you could do this with a copy of MS Word, but don't think that works now.) You might be able to spot the master password. (FileMaker 3 files do not have account names so you only get a password.)