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    FileMaker Pro



      FileMaker Pro


      Advanced 12

      Operating system version

      Windows 8

      Description of the issue

      Error message:  the translator for this file format could not be found or could not be initialized

      occurs when a pdf or jpg file is being dropped into a container that has been set to optimize as interactive content. Does not occur when set to optimize for an image.

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               I'm having the same issue, except in Windows 7 and FileMaker Pro 12 (not Advanced). Dragging files to the container (PDFs) hadn't been a problem before, but now I get the same error message.

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                 Ralph Salomons and Ben O:

                 Thank you for the posts.


                 I am not able to replicate this on either Windows 7 or Windows 8 when dragging a PDF or JPEG into a container field set to interactive content in a new database file. The normal drag and drop procedure works as expected.


                 FileMaker's knowledge base article 10183, “The translator for this file format could not be found or could not be initialized” talks about this error occurring when trying to convert a .fp7 file from a shared location. 


                 Is the PDF or JPEG being transferred located on a shared drive? 


                 Does this error occur if the file is dragged into the container from the desktop?


                 Am I missing anything to replicate? Are either of you able to replicate in a new database file?



                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   I had this problem to occur for me, I'm on windows 7.   I had the container setup as a button so if it is clicked it will go to another layout to display the pdf. This is when it gave the error.  I change the button to do nothing and it fixed the problem.   It will not let you drag and drop a PDF into the container if the container is setup as a button.

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                     S Chamblee:

                     Thank you for the reply.


                     I created a database that is only an interactive container field with two layouts. The interactive container field on layout A is a button set to perform the action Go to Layout B. I am able to drag and drop .png, .jpeg, and .pdf files into the container field on either layout without issue using FileMaker Pro 12 with the Windows 7 operating system.


                     Does this occur for you in a new database file?



                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                       I tested before I posted the first time.  Today I created a new app on another windows 7 computer.  When I try to drag and drop a pdf into the  interactive container field, setup as a button, it will give an error

                       here is the new sample file I created.



                       I have done more testing.....If the interactive container field has focus, (Highlighted)  it works.  If the container field does not have focus then it give an error.


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                         Create 2 interactive container fields [PDF] with button setup, then drag and drop a pdf onto the non highlighted container.

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                           S Chamblee:

                           Thank you for the new information.

                           The field not being the highlighted / focused field on the layout was the missing step to replicate. I forwarded a full report to Testing and Development for review. 


                           FileMaker, Inc.