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      I have a number of old files written in FileMaker 1.0!  I know it now seems to be something from the Stone age, but that's how it is.  I need their contents badly for my research.  I also know I should have upgraded FileMaker continuously, but I didn't, which was foolish.  But when something works, you continue to use it.  So, the question is, how can I access these old files?  I have tried FileMaker Pro 11, Open Office and Excel, but to no avail.  Is there help to be had?

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          If you haven't read it already, here's a knowledge base article on converting old files to FileMaker 11 format:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

          Given the numerous and drastic changes made to FileMaker, I'd be very suprised to see anything in your file that's useful in FileMaker 11 except for the data itself.

          I've not see FileMaker 1 in decades, but check and see if you can export the data as a tab, merge, or csv file. You can then import this file into FileMaker 11 with the new table option. You'll then need to use FileMaker's design tools to craft a layout that effectively displays your imported data.