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Filemaker Pro 10 (advanced) occupies CPU without a cause [EDITED]

Question asked by disabled_menno on Jan 13, 2009
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Filemaker Pro 10 (advanced) occupies CPU without a cause [EDITED]

Description of the issue

[EDIT 2009-07-20] I've updated my FMPA now to 10.0 v3 and although some very important issues have been resolved and the .dbf export and import are available again (thank you FMI!) the CPU-occupation-problem persists. I've reduced one of my solutions from 85 to 52 files and at a certain point there are 52 files open. The open files all show a completely blank layout except forone menu-file that only shows a few buttons. And still FMP(A)10 shows an avarage 30% CPU-capacity usage, fluctuating between 20% and 80%. According to the specs of Filemaker Inc and emails they've sent me only 40-80 files may be opened at a time because Filemaker will "run out of handles". The only thing I can do is closing files ...... however that appears to be a caveat: Files that are being refrenced will not close even if there are no script running referencing them and even if there are no windows shown that refrence these files. So once you opened a file it stays open until your session is closed. Please Filemaker Inc. do something about this! I am still can't install FM10 with my customers. When they have 3 or 4 users on one Terminal Server, the CPU-Load so high that other apps. are slugish and the users are complaining!     [/EDIT 2009-07-20]  I have posted this issue a few days ago in the feedback-forum, but after some more extensive testing i think this is a bug: I have a db-system of 56 files with several thousands of records and after opening these with Filemaker and not using it. Filemaker will occupy the CPU for about 30-40% on a Pentium (15-20% on a dual-core) and about 5% on a Mac. I also tested this with a few simpler db-systems (downloaded from the FBA-website) and there with 1 or 2 files opened it seems not to happen, but when some 10 files are opened filemaker will start occupying the CPU with short intervals of one second going up and down from 2 - 6% opening more and larger files increases cpu-usage and the interval disappears and the CPU is then occupied for 30-40% I've tested this with my own db's where there are no field shown in the active layouts (only one layout with buttons) and with the FBA-example-db's where there a mostly no blank layouts. I don't see a difference in behavior, so i suppose that FM10 does something internally. However i don't  understand what and why and thus i cannot explain it to my customers who use (individual tailored) copies of my 56-file db-system. They typically not only use Filemaker, but also office, a browser, an e-mailer, an image-editor etc. etc. on the same system and they don't appreciate a program running in the background that uses so much resources. A solution in the form of an updater would be most welcome. Product:Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced(as a reference I've tested this Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced as well and then this problem does not occur) Hosting:StandaloneFilemaker Pro Server on Win2K3(no difference in performance noted) Client-OS:Windows XP SP3 (Pentium and Core2Duo)Windows 7 (beta) - results identical to windows XP (Pentium)MacOSX 10.5 (Intel Core2Duo) On Mac OSX the problem does occur, but in a much less problematic extend.One a single-core processor the problem is more prevalent then on a multi-core. regards, Menno