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Filemaker Pro 10 Trial won't Launch

Question asked by barksdale on Jun 12, 2009
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Filemaker Pro 10 Trial won't Launch

Description of the issue

forgive me if this has issue has been addressed elsewhere, i figured since i called FMP tech support and stymied the tech guy, chances were this problem might be unusual, and therefore someone out in the ether might have an interesting idea... i downloaded the Free Trial Demo of FMP 10, and tried running it on my Mac OS X 10.4.11 (dual 2 GHz, PowerPC G5, 4 GB RAM) download was successful, the installation process appeared successful but when i double-clicked the program icon, it appears to half-boot or crash invisibly... all i'm left with is the Filemaker Pro menu item but NOTHING else (no file, edit, etc) and NO prompts to TRY or BUY which is the very first screen that should pop up upon launchthe program won't let me quit, and i have to FORCE QUIT it each time i attempt to launch it  curiously, i tried downloading the exact same file on my wife's laptop, which is also 10.4.11 (but an Intel-based Macbook Pro) and the install went through same as mine, and LAUNCHED successfully---so it was nothing strange that i was doing inadvertently, in other words i did exactly as i would normally do.but on her computer, it actually does as it's supposed to: initial prompt, menu items across the top of the page... "it works."  the tech [who was very kind and helpful] had me repair permissions on my hard drive (which i'd actually done recently), that didn't solve itthen he had me create a new admin, logout and sign in as the new user, and that didn't work at that point he was literally at a loss, mostly because it wasn't getting far enough to generate any type of error log (or something) that he could use to diagnose further  any ideas?anything i might try shy of a re-install of my OS X which i'd just as soon not do?  thanks in advance for any insight