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FileMaker Pro 11 - Windows - WebViewer Issue

Question asked by S W on Sep 20, 2011
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FileMaker Pro 11 - Windows - WebViewer Issue


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Firstly, please accept my apologies in the fact that I know the issue, but may not be using the correct terminology.

The issue which appears to affect Windows ONLY:

When viewing a layout with a web viewer on,  x number of processor threads are created, however never terminated  or re-used (or whatever else is meant to happen to them)

This causes a problem when re-visiting the layout and will eventually crash filemaker pro, due to excessive threads

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a New Empty File.
2. Add two layouts
3. On Layout 1, Add a webviewer to display your web-page of choice.. I used google maps, but any page should do.

4. Leave layout 2 empty / or not, up to you.

5. Create a script which does the following :
// This is to simulate layout changes, but show the effects quicker than normal usage

  Set Variable [$i; value:$i + 1]
  Go To Layout [Layout 2]
  Pause Resume 1 second
  Go To Layout [Original]
  Pause Resume 3 seconds  (extend time if it takes longer to load page)
  Exit Loop if [$i > 150]  
End Loop[]

During this script, keep an eye on the number of threads being used by Filemaker Pro ( via windows performance monitor) 

You will notice they increase constantly and when it hits the 2000+ mark FileMaker will become very unstable and will either stop responding or layouts changes will stop rendering, eventually leading to a complete crash.

The only solution is to close / re-open FileMaker Pro

Expected result

Performing the same process on a mac, the thread count remains fairly consistent and does not reach such high numbers.  Although I have not done exhaustive testing.

On Windows, as it stands, this means a user can only visit a layout showing a web viewer a limited number of times (regardless of time scale)  before a restart of FileMaker is required. 

I have run the above script with a loop count of 50, then left the solution alone for 2 hours, before re-running the same script... the results are the same as running it 100 times in succession. 

The thread count never seems to recover, even after hours of not being used.

Actual result

As Above, Threads increase constantly and cause instability in FileMaker, eventually leading to a crash.

This essentially makes the web-viewer a risky element to include in any windows based solution, if you are likely to leave and re-open the web-viewer layout multiple times throughout a usual filemaker session.

In my findings, it can take anywhere between 100 / 150 instances of entering the web viewer layout.  Of course, systems may vary.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Windows 7, All updates installed
16GB Ram, Intel QX980 @3.3ghz
+ 2 lower spec machines.


No work around.

I have tried resetting the web-viewer, re-loading the contents, flushing cache etc.